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Freddy Fraticelli

creative director

“Fall in love with the process.”

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    Freddy Fraticelli, “Miway”, born and raised in the historical city of Boston, Massachusetts. In his mid-20s he quickly made a name for himself as one of Boston’s leading event planners, nightclub promoters and event host. He slowly began to incorporate his love for cinematography with his passion for business. Before he knew it, what started as a hobby had become his dream career. Although his brand was well established in his hometown, he was eager to grow outside of his comfort zone. Enchanted with the charm, nice weather and rich culture of Miami, he pursued opportunities in South Florida and would change his life for the better.

    During his first year in Miami, he successfully created social media campaign content for Bad Boy Entertainment marketing company Blue Flame products such as Cîroc Vodka and Deleon Tequila. That business relationship evolved to managing product placements content while working on set of DJ Khaled’s music videos such as ‘On Everything’. After exceeding expectations of the Bad Boy team, he was requested to film the known annual New Year’s Eve party onsite Sean “Diddy” Combs Star Island residence. As a result of his creativity and consistency, his work has gone viral and published on numerous celebrity social media platforms.

    Miway has gone off to become one of Miami's most requested film directors and content creators. His resume includes event coverage for celebrity DJs such as Alex Sensation and DJ Camilo as well as assisting in music video productions for directors Mike Ho and Eif Rivera. Miway continues to exceed his customers expectation by delivering high quality work and this why he has partnered with Premier Beverage Catering as our Creative Director managing all creative platforms of event coverage and showcasing all our high-end events for the world to enjoy. 

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